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Artist Spotlight: Ascendance

There are a lot of things to see in the up-coming AsiaPOP Comicon Manila (AsiaPOP).
Other than Hollywood names like Nicholas Holt (X-Men franchise), Claire Holt (Vampire Diaries), Joe Dempsie (Game of Thrones), Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things) and comic book artists like Billy Tan (Tomb Raider), Jason Palmer (Star Wars), Ken Lashley (Superman), Mike Zeck (six-part Kraven’s Last Hunt) and lastly our very own While Portacio (creator of X-Men’s Bishop), we are also  looking forward to the talented indie comic creators.
First, we’ll focus our attention to Ascendance Group of Artists, or simply Ascendance.
Ascendance is  composed of  visual artists from different illustrative discipline like comics art, painting, digital art, etc. that aims to promote each member to attain art achievements to the next level.
Established in the last quarter of 2015, the group will make their public appearance on August 28 for the AsiaPOP.
Ascendance was started from a vision of Becaro’s group, “Lapis Ko ‘To”, which aims to showcase local independent talents in September 26, 2007. Lapis Ko ‘To or “This is my Pencil” in english, is a group of Deviant Artists who first banded together to support each other on managing clients, getting projects, sharing industry information, resources and sharing talent with each other.
Currently, the group is represented by artists John Becaro, Bernce Llamo, Gener Pedriña , Sam Dela Torre, Brian Bonzon and  Chris Barcelona.
According to John Becaro, “It is still a work in progress and (we) will continue to expand our  roster in the near future.”
“Today, in the spirit of camaraderie, our group envisions a world where every potential aspiring artists can grow and become a catalyst of change regardless of what profession they came from or whatever aspirations they dream of. That this group can be a tool of searching our own identity and a symbol of individual uniqueness, that we were able to eradicate the sense of ONLINE elitism and discrimination among our fellow artists specially the beginners.”, Becaro stressed.
Follow their journey through their online portfolio:

Visit Ascendance’s booth CC62- 63 at the AsiaPOP Comicon Manila this August 28 to 30 at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasay City.

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