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Artist Spotlight: HollowPoint Studios

HollowPoint Studios (HPS),  founded in mid 2013 with Bernce Llamo, Lowe Christian Beltran and Sho Labaco as founding members, the group expanded, they welcomed writer, Steve Magay, and artists like Dave Quindoy, Lei Sabado, Jofel Cube, Joy Gatdula, Dax, Niel Marcelino, Myk Emmshin, Yan Alce, John Dino and Anthony Dacayo II.
HPS has been part of conventions and comic events like KOMIKON, GTMACCON, TAGCOM, FCBD to name a few in showcasing their prowess in the arts.
HPS envisions themselves as, “the premium local comic book publisher in the Philippines”. Among the roster of their published titles are: Bombs Away, Deadly Sins, Kid Komet, Dragon Force, Monster Pack and Omni Raks. Graphic novel, Apoy ni Mang Efren and Kayaw we also part of their effort both written by Steve Magay.
Here are the roster of artist/s and writer/s:
Bernce Llamo

One of the founders of the group and has been part of the artist for JOLLY KID KOMIKS for titles such as LINKIN PORK and RONIN and also part of the internationally acclaimed graphic novels entitled SENTINELS and CURSED. He loves to create chibis and sketchy renditions. His recent works include A.V.E with Sho Labaco and Steve Magay. Check out his works in his facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/BernceWorks/ .

Sho Labaco

The elder statesman in the group and has been part of FUNNY KOMIKS doing Dragon Force and JOLLY KID KOMIKS for the title ALKAISER-Space Sentinel. Always has been a kid at heart, he still loves cartoons up to this date. He is currently working on A.V.E. together with Bernce and Steve and DRAGON FORCE with Jofel Cube. Check out his works in his facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Dennis-Sho-Labaco/ .

Lowe Beltran
Part of the HPS trio and has been part of FUNNY KOMIKS for doing VOLTEK PAYB, YEHEY KOMIKS and JOLLY KID KOMIKS for the title GHOSTRAIDER. Having a family of his own, he still love animes, cartoons and mechas. Currently he is doing CHIBI sketch drawings and working on KID KOMET. Check out his works in his FB fan page: https://www.facebook.com/kidkometfanpage/ .

Steve Magay
When HPS is looking for a GREAT WRITER, He came to town. He has been keen in storytelling and uses facts of HISTORY and other genre in brewing the most sophisticated and twisted tales ever been written. His recent works include, A.V.E with Bernce and Sho, and KAYAW with Dax. Check out his FB Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/KayawComics/

Dave Quindoy
Chibis, Chibis and more chibis comes our way when this guy came aboard. He uses his colorful skills in doing sketch commissions here ,there, and maybe everywhere. He never fails to exploit cuteness in his art. Check out his works in his FB page: https://www.facebook.com/djquindoy/

Jofel Cube
Traditional art, Sketch cards and experience animator when his name comes to mind. He is very fond nostalgic KOMIKS and even collects them as of to date. Currently he is working on DRAGON FORCE with Sho Labaco.

Lei Sabado
The rose among the thorns or as one of the guys as they say, she establishes order by providing as the editor/proof reader of the group. She truly displays her talent in doing digital and traditional sketch commissions here and in abroad.

His sketches would tell you he is truly something and worth your while. Doing comic pages here and abroad, he is truly has a gift for the arts. Currently he is working on KAYAW together with Steve.

Niel Marcelino
Digital renditions and awesome vector drawings truly speaks of this guy. Mechas from then and now are his faves. And as an added bonus, he designs them on shirts. Check out his wares in his FB page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tobecontinued15/

Yan Alce
Traditional as they say, this budding artist provides a new perspective in his skills in storytelling and art involving Philippine History. Currently he is working on SINTA together with Steve.

Myk Emmshin
When you hear his name, you can always associate three-words “International Commission Artist”. With awesome pencil skills that would truly make you awe in delight and an artist head-turner as its best. Check out his works in his FB page:

As a latest addition to the HPS crew, he introduces his ideas of art and gaming combine. With this background, he brought new dimensions to comic book making. Currently he is working on BAYANI. And you can check out his works on his FB Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/bayaniph/

Anthony Dacayo II
Hollowpoint Studios captures the genre of then and now. With their imagination and skills combine they can truly stand to make a difference.

Check them out in our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/HollowPointComics/and join their FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/417548644965606/ .
Visit HollowPoint’s booth at CC83 at the AsiaPOP Comicon Manila this August 28 to 30 at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasay City.

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