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Artist Spotlight: HMT Studios

There are a lot of great artists to see this up-coming AsiaPOP Comicon Manila, one of them is Harvey Tolibao’s HMT Studios.
Outsources and offers any kind of art entertainment related services, Home of Multi-Talent Studios (HMT Studios) is started by different people but with one vision, one goal and one dream.
In 2011, it is created with ideas and plan. And slowly they run and make things possible; they started to develop one talent and getting more people to be part of our team. HMT Studios aims to develop one gift where artists can express their passions and share their work and grow their influence, where they can collaborate on their unique projects and be able to create a master piece of their own. Through HMT studios, artists were able to create styles and deliver, in a timely manner.
Their vast clients include: DC, Marvel, Guardian Knights, Tsubaraya, Sega, Nintendo, Gree , DMM, Square Enix, Open Door, Zenescope, IDW, Dabel Brothers, Darkhorse, ATeam, Solmare, Image Comics and Beyond the Box.
Their pool of artists include:
Harvey Montecillo Tolibao was born in June 25, 1981 and raised in Malaybalay, Bukidnon, Philippines. Prior to breaking into comics, Harvey Montecillo Tolibao wasa furniture designer, cartoonist, graphic artist, illustrator, web designer, tattoo artist and messenger. During these careers, Harvey dreamed of being a comic book artist. Initially inspired by the art of both Jim Lee and local Filipino comics, Harvey finally received his big break in 2007 from Marvel comics with an Iron Man Annual. Since then Harvey has worked on Psylocke, Heroes for Hire, Silver Surfer, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Avengers The Initiative, War of Kings, Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time and many others. Harvey has been involved in DC’s New 52 relaunch, working initially on Green Lantern New Guardians and more recently on Green Arrow.
He started dreaming to be a Comic Book Illustrator in 1991 and start collecting local comics and inspired by foreign comic artist Jim Lee. He studied Information Technology and held down with various job including furniture designer, cartoonist, graphic artist, illustrator, web designer, tattoo artist and messenger, but he was determine to pursue his dream of becoming a comic book artist.
Well apparently, HMT Studios joined Doodle for Hobby for Titus iDoodle 2015.
In 2007, Marvel gave him his big break on an Iron Man Annual. Since then he has been working as a freelance artist for Marvel Comics. He has worked on What If?: Civil War; Young Avengers: Hulking; Ultimate X-­Men with Robert Kirkman; Secret Invasion Avengers: The Initiative Tie Up; Darkhawk; Snowbird; Nation X; he was popularly known for his mini-­‐series, Psylocke (written by Chris Yost); X-­Men: Hellbound (written by Christopher Yost); Uncanny X-­Men and Variant Covers for Heroes For Hire. As the year 2011 begins, Harvey is working with Greg Pak and Stephen Segovia on the Silver Surfer Series. By the end of the year, DC gave him a shot for “Green Project,” it starts with “Sinestro Corps war,” then collaboration of the writer Tony Bedard on “New Guardians” Green Lantern series. Year 2012, DC had a deck shuffling and creates a new team Harvey and (written by Ann Nocenti) for Green Arrow series.
The Geekery managed to get one of the featured quick sketch at their booth. Big thanks to the organizer. Yeeeehaa!

In the same year, Harvey Tolibao co­‐founded along with his team started to run HMT Studios and works on various Game Design for Japanese Game Companies. He was working on Zenescope and Valiant Covers and the new adventure along with homages Bond Girls known as Danger Girl of IDW. By the end of the year 2013, Harvey repossess in Marvel Company doing Uncanny X­‐force.  At the same year, he then released his New Sketchbook 1888 where a collective of ballpoint artworks was published and launched in PopCon Asia 2013, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Later another amazing stuff happened when he do the most anticipated book X-­‐Men V4 run beginning issue 18 with Marc Guggenheim and Darkhorse The Ghost Comic Book Series.
Gabriel Rivera Santos, creates digital painting. His techniques and craft is executed using his own creativity allowing the reality of his own curiosity.
His work bring him to the team and become one of the family. He is one of the senior digital artist of the studio and the quite one. But once you get to know him, he is a one hell cool dude.
As he says “Don’t hesitate to pursue your dreams, if you think and believe that you can achieve it, then it is not impossible to happen.”
Ken met Gabriel Santos the Senior Artist and introduced him to the team and the world of digital painting. But for him, taking one step at the time, he started to use mouse as his tools and finally by pen and tablet.
Caught by the visions and purpose of HMT Studios, his drive to learn gave him the opportunity and was welcome as a trainee colorist. Almost a year of training, Ken found himself creating greater things, and assigned to bigger projects of the team and the same time fulfilling his dreams.
Ken is the current Junior Digital Illustrator and also the “Rock Star” of the team.
Kevin was born on July 30, 1990 in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. The youngest son of Emelia and Jesus Tolibao. As a child, Kevin loved to draw and influences by his father and brothers. The inherent visual seductiveness allowing him to learn and draw using different media like pencil, ballpoint, pastel, acrylic, and oil.
Playing video games is not only his addiction but loving it, for him playing them is like a google search that you can explore things and bring it into your world using paper and pencils. Art for him are composed of emotions and souls, you cannot just touch them but feel it.
He always keep in mind that “The secret of art is to keep moving forward, and never forget the things you’ve learn from the past.”
Year 2010, Kevin decided to quit drawing and pursue his career as advertiser for a year. Until unexpected thing happened, a job came in to HMT Studio. Without a doubt and with perseverance, Kevin played a big part of the studio to break into the game design.  As he said “Those days feels really great to do things what you really love to do, and be part of the things that you believe in.”
Sanny Boy Argullozos was born on August 31, 1988 in Malaybalay, Bukidnon. He studied at Bukidnon State University (BSU), a member of COLLEGIANER (school publication in BSU) as an artist, and snare drummer of drum and bugle in BSU.
His father was a Farm Worker of DOLE Philippines and Sanny’s mother is a housewife who took care of him and eight more siblings. Growing up in a big family with less income influenced him to experience a childhood days by creating garbage into toys. Making toy guns and vehicles made of cans and wood.
Sanny started to draw by copying trading cards and watching cartoons on T.V..
His teacher discovered him that he has a potential to compete in a poster-­‐making contest in year 2003.
He’s also a good musician, lead guitarist in his band ‘’Gadfly’’ membered by his two brothers and a friend.
In the year 2010, he worked at Tolibao’s Graphic Design for 2 years and was discovered and trained by Harvey Tolibao, and lead him to the comics industry. Now is working as apprentice in HMT Studios.
He was introduced in the world of comics at a very young age which gave him the passion to pursue doing comics for a living and making up other fictitious things. A comic book artist and also a writer at HMT Studios for almost a year.He was an avid participant in online comic-based Originaournaments for the past few years and was recently involved with the Beyond the Box and HMT Studios collaboration as a writer for the iPad Pro comic book project.
Follow HMT Studios at these following links:

Visit HMT Studio’s booth at CC27-29 at the AsiaPOP Comicon Manila this August 28 to 30 at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasay City.

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