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To copy someone else, to become something else?

Alyas Robin Hood is on a hot seat right now after GMA released its teaser trailer last August 28, 2016.

A fan-made poster of the said show has been circulating around the social media, originally being posted by LionhearTV. Despite being unofficial, fans of the hit tv series “Arrow” tried to debunk the poster.
Even the main star of the series, Stephen Amell, already noticed the teaser and reacted with a staggering emoji.

Apparently, one fellow geek expressed his sentiments over his social media and the rest is something unexpected.
Orig post
This sparked online argument regarding the similarities of Alyas Robin Hood and CW’s Arow but somehow fellow geeks went uproar when GMA Drama headwriter, Suzette Doctolero, belittles the comics community in a series of remarks:
Suzette 1
And it gets even worse:
Suzette 2
As they say, bad publicity is still publicity. The question now lies, whether how the future of Alyas Robin Hood holds.

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