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Final Fantasy XV: The Journey Begins at the Game Store

Since 1987, its year of inception, the Final Fantasy series has been one of the biggest and well-known franchises in the gaming industry, and one of the top in the role-playing game genre. It has been highly anticipated by the market every time a new Final Fantasy game is about to be released.

Yesterday, Final Fantasy XV was made available to the market, and people were lining up just to get their hands on the game.

Final Fantasy XV focuses on the story of Noctis, the crown prince and protector of Lucis. He is a skilled fighter and magic wielder, and the sole-playable character. While in the middle of a war between two nations, he and his friends must take a road trip to Altissia to rendezvous with Lunafreya, the youngest oracle and Noctis’ fiancĂ©.

With the hype that had been built up, and all the trailers, demos, and other promotional videos and photos that were released, gamers, especially the Final Fantasy fans, are just craving to play this game. Many gamers waited ten years for FFXV to finally be finished and available on their consoles, which is why it is one of the most sought out games this year.

Now that FFXV has been released, people took their time off and went straight to the malls and game stores. They were falling and waiting in line so they could purchase and claim their game. The lines even extended outside the game stores and were very visible to mall goers that happened to pass by the area. Many lines were even longer than the line at the women’s comfort room. Some netizens were very keen in showing the status of the lines they were in.

Photos by Kiko De Lima

Photo by Dominick Galauran

Photo by Miachael Chai

Photo by Bryan Villariaza

With these so many people still keep on buying, supporting, and playing the Final Fantasy games, and new fans appear every generations, it’s very safe to say that it’s still a long way for the final Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy XV is available to play on Play Station 4 and Xbox One.

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