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King of Mars - Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans

It's been a month after the war between Arbrau and SAU ended but Tekkadan's Earth branch members are still mourning for the death of their fellow comrades. If you can recall what happened during the past few episodes, after the attempted murder incident of Makanai Togonosuke  along with Chad Chadan, leader of Tekkadan on Earth, Galan Mossa was put in charged of Arbrau and Tekkadan. With the assistance of Mr. Radice, Galan manipulated the Earth branch by forcing them to fight non stop, dampening their senses and trust him with his strategy. Galan managed to self destruct during his battle with Akihiro. Unfortunately they can't find any evidence that these are all Rustal Elion's scheme since Galan only communicates through Geirail's computer.
This episode tackles about the future plans of Tekkadan and gave cliff hanger moments. It shows Rustal and his first encounter with McGillis. When he was asked what he wants, McGillis said "Bael". The Masked Man which we're all thinking he's Gaelio left another question as he told of someone he knew who deeply respects his senior officer in which we all knew who's referring. He even said that someone is apparently close to him. Is it possible that Gaelio and Ein are now mixed up in one body?
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McGillis confronts Orga and gave him a great deal for Tekkadan for helping him to oust Rustal. Orga agreed that Tekkadan becoming the sovereign of Mars will bring a lot of honor, wealth and power. As he told his plans with the team, Takaki Uno didn't like the idea and he wants to quit the group to focus on his sister.
Next episode will feature Vidar!

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