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Outdoor Products X Pac-Man: A Retro Night Experience

We got sucked in a time machine, and Outdoor Products brought us back in time as we got hold of Game and Watches, Brick Games, Game Boys, Play Stations, and the classic arcades.

Last October 28, Outdoor Products took us to a retro night of gaming, as it collaborated with one of the most iconic characters ever created, not just in the gaming industry but in the whole pop culture as well, Pac-man. The partnership was done to celebrate the video game character’s 35th anniversary through the launch of Pac-man themed Outdoor Products backpacks and sling bags.


As we enter the venue, the ‘80s and ‘90s breezed right away with all of the decorations scattered around. The place was nicely themed. Pac-man characters were seen everywhere. Classic vinyl and game consoles were also lying around. I even wanted to put some batteries on the Game Boy and a CD on the Play Station, and just play some games for a while. Even the music gave us the throwback feeling as the DJ kept on playing songs from the past. Plus they also had these amazing food in the shapes and images of the game’s characters.


Games and competitions were also conducted during the event, starting with the Pac-man Challenge. Three groups of finalists, the top groups from the tryouts that were held on October 22 – 23 at Bratpack, Greenbelt 5, went to compete against each other, and the winning team went home with the grand prize, the Pac-man arcade. The Geekery was one of those finalists who took on the challenge but unfortunately, we fell short. Still it was an enjoyable experience.


After that, they opened the arcade for the guests and gave another challenge. The individual, who wasn’t one of the finalists, with the highest score by the end of the night, wins and gets an Outdoor bag. They also had an actual maze where you can experience the struggle of being the Pac-man as you collect pac-dots (tennis balls placed inside the maze), while being constantly chased by the three ghosts. And yes, we did enter the maze, and another yes, for us realizing that being Pac-man is not a piece of cake.


Of course, the night wouldn’t be complete without Pac-man being there. Pac-man joined the party, and took pictures and selfies with the guests like a true game celebrity that he is.

The event was definitely amazing. It was a great night, no doubt about it. Everything in it just took us back in time. Whether you’re an 80s kid, a 90s kid, or just someone who appreciate gaming, you’ll get hit by the nostalgic wave, all thanks to Outdoor Products.

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