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Relying on reviews and opinions

It's one helluva year for all the geeks as we’ve seen a lot of iconic characters of pop culture in the big screen and great stories that we didn't expect to happen thinking it will only stay in the comics. Right now where most of us have an access to internet, most of the time we encounter reviews and spoilers in our own social media accounts. Some of us are too curious to see why someone don't like it or if the rottentomatoes.com rated it low and we will all end up not watching the movie.
Nowadays, only few people will watch a film blindly as I have mentioned some relies on reviews and trailers while some relies on their friends' opinion before deciding to watch the film. Genre can also be deciding factor and reviewers shouldn't be one sided whenever they gave rating. 
As to why we rely on reviews, I could say that we're becoming more practical and we don't want to waste money watching an unworthy movie. Trailers can also be deceiving in a way that they already spoiled us all the good parts and there's a chance we'll get disappointed at  the end of the film best example for this are Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad. Batman v Superman spoiled us that Doomsday will be main villain and we all end up expecting him to appear. Suicide Squad also provide most of the good parts in the trailer but I'm quite shocked when I learned that Enchantress is the main villain despite the promotional materials shows she's a Suicide Squad member. 
To enjoy your movie experience, first thing to do is to never rely to something else. If you really feel watching the movie go watch it. Relying to someone will surely ruin your experience as they already preemptively told you what you should watch out for. You will end up looking for the moments especially if you read a list of plot holes of the film. Reaction of the film will not be considered as pure as it was already manipulated by some reviews or opinions you saw before watching. Second, Always lower your expectation to enjoy the movie. If you read the comics never compare it to the film as they always try differentiate and make their own distinctiveness. If you're not happy with the outcome that's alright at least you they shared a new experience. And lastly, don't spoil the movie to anyone. That's a douchebag move! Although it's recommended to stay away from social media if there's a new movie in the theaters, always give warning if you want to talk about it with other people.
Reviews are only opinions and it is better to read reviews after watching the movie. 

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