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The Last Set, Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa | Haikyuu [SPOILERS]

It is the last set of the match between Karasuno High and Shiratorizawa Academy. The winner of the match will go to the Spring High National Playoffs to represent Miyagi Prefecture to compete with other strong teams in Japan. If ever Karasuno will win the finals this could be the greatest upset match since Shiratorizawa was last year’s champion. It’s also the chance to redeem themselves and get rid of their nicknames as “The Fallen Champions” or “The Flightless Crows”.
Tsukushima was forced to pull out for the last set because of his slight injury in his hands that due to Wakatoshi Ushijima’s ruthless attacks. The defense of Karasuno goes down because of Tsukishima’s absence but somehow they managed to keep up with Shiratorizawa. In a sudden turn of events, Shiratorizawa’s blockers managed to stop Azumane’s spike and the ball bounce to Hinata’s face. Miraculously it goes back to the opponent’s side and no one received the ball.
Ushijima recalls his thoughts about the first year duo when he first met them. He thought that Hinata was like the other talented small players that he previously encountered but it only annoys him. Karasuno once again used Synchronized attack and gain another point. Kageyama return to the court and made a first touch set straight to Hinata for a quick attack. Did you know that in the manga, Karasuno doesn’t have a cheering squad unlike in the anime match?
Exchanging of attacks from the both team has surely brought them in to their limits but their coaches somehow knew how to boost their confidence in order to continue the fight. In the final moments, Shiratorizawa is already leading for their match point when suddenly Tsukishima runs back in to the court.
This episode has surely gave the intense and suspense of a real volleyball. Things get more exciting next week for the conclusion of the epic battle of Shiratorizawa and Karasuno.

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