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Places of Power - Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes event

An assault battle against the Jedi event is coming this February 25, 2017. You will be facing 8 waves of Jedi battles with each waves increasing its difficulty. The two day event will also feature a new power, Dark Gambit. This ability can be beneficial in the battle depending on how you will use it in which you can gain multiple buffs by sacrificing unit health. 

You must be level 75 in order to participate and you can only use First Order and Sith squads so better power up. It has two difficult tiers and an extra difficult bonus tier. If you managed to beat all 8 waves you will be rewarded with Jedi Shards, Ship blueprints and credits. 

In case you're looking for an active Pinoy Guild please check Philippines SWGOH II.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile turn-based game that lets you collect and form your own Star Wars characters squad. The game was formally released last November 2015 and available for Android and IOS users. 

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