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T-65 X-Wing Propel Star Wars Battle Drone Review

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... fans of the Star Wars can only play their starfighters in die-cast but worry not as Propel made our dreams into reality. Propel Star Wars drone were launched last 2016 in United States and United Kingdom. Almost 70,000 units were sold during the first day and each unit costs around $200. Luckily, I won the #CreateCourage from Globe as part of the grand prize of Comics Club Philippines' 4th Anniversary and managed to get T-65 X-Wing. I'm part of the first people to own a Propel Star Wars drone in Asia.

Consists of two boxes - Large/ Black is the outer box used for holding the whole unit.
Gray is the main container for holding the drone and sealed with special wax.

The box itself is pleasing to your eyes and can be displayed without showing the drone itself. The wax seal used has a rebel logo that gave more Star Wars vibe before opening the item. The real gimmick of the packaging is when you open it.

Aside from the introduction theme of Star Wars, it has an acrylic case to protect the drone and has flashing lights. Each time you re-place the cover of the box and open it, a new music track will play. It has a total of 4 music tracks and the display box is also rechargeable using the USB cable and wall adapter.

What's inside

- Pilot hand book
Contains everything you need about the force... I mean the X-Wing. Always read the manual first! It also have tips and tricks that can be used if you're going to battle other drones.

- Charger, USB Cable, Wall Adapter and 3 X-Wing batteries
Each battery will last around 6-8 minutes that's why they included extras. According to manual I should get only two but I have three batteries and one faux battery cover. Batteries are in the cockpit itself and can be locked for more protection.

- Protective Training Cage
If you're a beginner in flying RC units like me, I highly recommend to use training cage to further protect the propeller and it will serve as an additional when launching and landing.

- Propeller Multi Tool and Spare parts
Although designed for battles, X-Wing still needs spare parts in case of loss of propellers, screws and taim.

- 2.4 GHz Wireless Controller

Aside from controlling the X-Wing, the controller has a music mode feature that can play the "Star Wars Main Title", "The Battle of Endor 1", "The Throne Room", "The Asteroid Field", "Alliance Assembly", "Landos Palace" and "The Stars Await". A screw driver is included in the right side, a neck strap holder can also be found in the center, a headphone jack at the back and a smartphone holder at the top for the upcoming app by Propel.

- T-65 X-Wing
The main course! This hand painted X-Wing has built-in axis gyroscope that keeps it extremely stable in all conditions. A 4-channel flight controls that allow to do my favorite maneuver, 360 degrees roll. It has running lights for illuminating during low-light flight, barometric pressure sensor for fixed altitude hovering, auto-start and auto-landing functions. It has a T-mode for training beginner pilots and speed change for experienced pilots.

Battling the Dark Side with Rebel Alliance

The X-Wing comes with pre installed infrared transmitters and receivers as well as laser receivers. Apparently only one weapon can be used at a time, either infrared or aux weapons. When weapons are fired you will hear a sound from the controller's speaker. When battling it is best to fly during fine weather conditions and in a wide open space. With IR battling, infrared transmitters will send a signal and the infrared receiver beneath will register a hit. The life LEDcan be found in the upper part of the controller. Once X-Wing is synced, you will see 3 life LEDS glow red.

If you got hit for the first time, the ship will still continue on its current trajectory, but will rock back and forth twice left to right in a fluid motion. If you got hit the second time, that's the time that you should be cautious and be one with the force. Similar with the first hit but the movement will be more aggressive and unfortunately you only have 1 life left. If you got hit for the third time, bid farewell to your rebel allies and tell them "May the force be with them". Your ship will enter into auto land mode and will descend in a downward spiral.


Definitely a must have for All Star Wars fan! The main selling point of the drone is the experience you gain by battling other drones. It's 10/10 for me and I can't wait for its launching here at Philippines. Thank you Globe Telecom, Comics Club Philippines and Propel. "May the Force be with you!"

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  1. The Wireless Controller is pretty heavy from the previous edition of the drone series that you have covered on Here. Please focus on the next upcoming drones and also write reviews on that.