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TDKPH and PinoyLUG's "The Lego Batman Movie" Charity Screening

BATMAN and LEGO. Can there be any better team up?

Well, we don’t think so. 

Kids and adults alike gathered for a special screening of The Lego Batman Movie, held last Saturday, February 11, at SM Megamall Cinema 5. This is not just a block screening, as an extraordinary collaboration between The Dark Knight PH (TDKPH) and Pinoy Lego User Group (Pinoy LUG) helped create this wonderful event become a reality and for a very important cause.

According to TDKPH founder, Paolo Ollero, the goal of the event was not only to host the movie, but also to add a charity aspect to it. The proceeds from the sales of the movie tickets will be donated to the Pediatric Cancer Ward Institute of Philippine General Hospital and will be used for the expansion of their rooms. At the same time, the proceeds of Pinoy LUG will be donated to a High School in Bulacan where one of their buildings caught fire just recently.

The screening is also tied up with TDKPH’s A.L.F.R.E.D. Initiative (Alliance For Reaching Everyone’s Dreams). It is a cause that gives importance to community building. It started in helping local artists in showcasing their talents and artworks by providing them equipment that they could not afford. Then, it branched out in helping other members in need, whether it be calamity assistance, financial assistance for a sick family member, etc. Later on, the cause has tried to tap other institutions like PGH, and Heroes for Kids.

This wouldn’t be possible without the partnership from Pinoy LUG. Leslie Araujo, the Pinoy LUG Ambassador, did not hesitate and made all efforts to bring his community together and give out a helping hand. Some of their members even brought their Lego Batman collections and had they be displayed near the theater entrance for everyone to see and to take pictures with. 

The event was nothing short but successful. Everyone enjoyed watching the movie and at the same time they helped bring change and happiness to people and other communities. Seeing every ones smiles, laughs, and excitement after the movie made this event memorable and priceless. We are hopeful for many more of these kinds of occasions, future collaborations and team ups with other groups, and eventually to help more institutions and people in need. 

If you want to check out and get involved with the said groups, all you have to do is go to the Facebook page of TDKPH and Pinoy LUG and become a member today.

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