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Deadpool's the butt of the joke

Ryan Reynolds just posted the clearer version of the leaked teaser for the sequel of the much anticipated, well-loved, we're overly excited about movie of 2018---- Deadpool (high five!).

The internet gone wild after a poor version of this teaser leaked, to much of the surprise of the movie-goers as poor taste having it camcorded easily (yes, we hate camcording), before Hugh Jackman's final portrayal of the hottest X-Men property, Wolverine in Logan (that's a mouthful).

The teaser follows Deadpool noticing a man getting robbed, so he springs into action; but first he has to change into his costume in a phonebooth, a direct hit to Superman which uses the same iconic theme music by John Williams as he's finishing up. The man gets shot before gettnig off the phonebooth and ending with Deadpool eating the man's ice cream. The teaser was released worldwide in 4 March via Reynold's YouTube channel and met with positive reviews.

Deadpool will hit theaters in 2018.

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