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Examining Deadpool's buttload of easter eggs in latest teaser

Deadpool isn't the "Merc with a Mouth" if it weren't for his talkative nature and tendency to break the fourth wall, thus in all it's glory, gave us this timeless piece of masterpiece--- behold, the Deadpool 2 teaser trailer!

And with that, The Geekery Investigative Group will dissect all, if not, the easter eggs we've seen so far.

First off, we get to see a man being mugged in alley, yes a cliché of most early superhero films. Remember Spiderman's Uncle Ben? Yeah, a very classic example.

Known for his classic sort of background meta reference, we saw a cinema near the alley which reads "Tonight LOGAN", telling us to watch his bud's movie.

We get even more Logan references through his dialogue with the dead man in voice-over saying, “You probably wouldn’t be dead if it was Logan. What’s he got to change into? Guy wears a f*cking tank top and a pair of jeans”, poking fun of Logan's iconic get-up.

And to top it all, mocks Hugh Jackman and his Aussie accent in the ending , “Yeah. want to get my tank top on. Bit of perspiration. Have a nice, little crime-fighting spree. Yeah. Happy hug a koala day.”

While in the phonebooth, there's a writing in front that says, "Nathan Summers cumming soon". A very obvious easter egg which teases us the cumming, err, coming of Nathan Summers also known as Cable and is a known buddy of Deadpool in the comics.

What is more interesting is that you can spot another writing on the phonebooth wall.

The writing reads, "Hope". Could this be another hint of some sort that Hope Summers may appear as well in the sequel?

And who could not notice the Firefly posters? For those who didn't know, the Firefely series was created by Joss Whedon. Yes, the main man behind Marvel's The Avengers. It can be noted that Firefly alumnus, Nathan Fillion was considered to play Cable for Deadpool 2.

It is also a nod to Morena Baccarin's character in Firefly, Inara Serra. Baccarin is Deadpool's love interest, Vanessa Carlysle. Which leads us to...

...another easter egg that reads, "Alley Cats". Now, this may be just a hunch but it could also meant Vanessa Carlysle as Copycat. A precise metamorph, Copycat copied another X-Force member, Domino to infiltrate the group and kill Cable. This is the tricky part: Vanessa could be turn into Copycat in order to provide a storyline for Cable.

You know this guy? Should we still talk about him? Haha! In the teaser, as Deadpool finally emerges from the booth, Stan Lee exclaims “Wow, nice suit”, to which Wade swiftly quips “Zip it, Stan Lee”. Stan is very popular in the comics world as creator of such iconic superheroes. He is also known for his surprise cameos in most Marvel movies.

At the end of the teaser, there's a very long credit roll that is very hard to tell at full speed, "Old Man Logan and the Sea":

This is a reference to a beat-by-beat plot synopsis for Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and The Sea, the story of an aging fisherman and his attempts to catch a giant Marlin, which also compares the thematic parallels to Logan’s journey in the film.

And the icing of the cake:

Deadpool's jab on Superman and his "costume changing telephone booth sequence". What makes it more special is that it uses John William's Superman theme. It shows the struggle of Pool to change costume as the robbery commences.

There you have it. Are there any other easer eggs that you spotted? Tell us in the comments below.

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