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Legion's shady supervillain may have been revealed

Currently, TV show Legion has two primary villains: “The Eye” (Mackenzie Gray) and the one that's haunting David Haller (Dan Stevens), the dreaded Devil with the Yellow Eyes and it could be the biggest threat in the series.

The latest episode (Chapter 5) we saw Syd (Rachel Keller), Ptonomy (Jeremie Harris) and Kerry (Amber Midthunder) investigated David’s past and discovered King, David's childhood dog as a figment of his imagination. And also, we we're given the biggest shock of all--- that King, the World's Angriest Boy, Benny and Lenny are all one and are manifestation of the Devil, that we believe is the Shadow King.

In the comics, the Shadow King, spawned by the first nightmare, is an entity of pure psychic energy which feeds on a hatred of humanity, manifesting itself by possessing the bodies of humans.

Cary (Bill Irwin) hypothesized that the thing is a separate personality from David and also a parasite.

When Ptonomy asked if it's not a mutant then what is it, Cary replied "An older mutant. Its consciousness separated from its body and living inside David for 30 years."

The Shadow King or Amahl Farouk's age was largely unknown due to his ability to transfer from host to host since the dawn of humanity. While in astral form, it preys on the bodies of powerful psychics and utilizing them to enslave others. In its physical form, it can only be harmed psychically or by magic weapons and has demonstrated the ability to live for millennia.

Having said that, we can safely say that The Devil and the Shadow King are indeed the same.
The first hint that Lenny and the the Devil are one.
The comic history of Legion and the Shadow King may take us to their encounter during the Muir Island Saga. In this arc, Shadow King possessed Legion and damaged the larger area of Muir Island and affecting most mutants there. But with the help of the X-Men and the aid of Professor Charles Xavier, Legion's dad, Shadow King was defeated but left Legion in a catatonic state, in which he would remain until the lead-up to Legion Quest.

We sill have 3 more episodes to finally reveal the true identity of the Devil.

Who you might think it is? Tell us in the comments section below.

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