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Logan: End of an era

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Set in the distant future, the well known rabid Wolverine attempts to hide from the world and tried to live a simple life. Logan now cares for an ailing Professor X somewhere in Mexico but everything changed when a young mutant arrives, pursued by unknown forces.

It is said to be the last movie of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, together with Patrick Stewart, they bid their farewell in Logan. We all have our favorite moments in the movie and here at Geekery we tried to express and explain all the things we've noticed.

Charles Xavier's devastating mutant power
Aside from his telepathy, Charles showed another feat of his mutant power during the first and half part of the movie. Now that he is old and suffering from neurodegenerative diseases which causes him to go out of control of his telepathic abilities in extreme levels. The extent of his psychic attack was fully shown during the Casino scene when he suffers another seizure during the raid of the Reavers at the hotel and he almost stop the time that gave the chance for Logan to kill the attackers before giving him a suppressant and escape. In case you're wondering where are the X-men and other mutants during the film, after the Casino psychic tragedy a report stated that there was also a similar incident in Westchester where almost 600 people were paralyzed and few lives were lost. Moments before his death, he remember all what happened and he finally understand why Logan kept it a secret. Of course not all mutants died during that incident and modern science found a way to suppress the mutant gene.

Laura Kinney
Charlotte,Delilah, Rebecca, Rictor, Bobby... with a strong mexican accent speaking in loops! You can see the innocence and the beast ready to unleash in her face. Her lack of dialogues were compensated with the amount and quality of her action scenes. Dafne Keen totally nails it and this kid is going places sometime in the future.

Deadpool teaser
Unfortunately the teaser wasn't available in Philippines but big thanks to social media we saw an unexpected appearance of the Merc with a mouth. The teaser has a lot of reference and you will probably laugh out loud with Ryan Reynolds' punch lines. If you have no idea what references I'm talking about, you can check our previous article about Deadpool's butt load appearance

X-Men # 132
Geekery Fact! Did you know that the comicbook that Laura carries in the movie has the issue number 132. Despite the fact that the comicbook was only a props in the movie, in reality X-Men # 132 marks as the first appearance of Donald Pierce, one of the villains in the film.

Wolverine Berserker Mode
After all the movies that Wolverine appeared, we finally saw his true nature when he is not in the good mood. It's a good move for Fox for making it Rated R due to the success of Deadpool. Berserker Barrage!

All in all the movie is good and it didn't disappoint us despite the difference in its comic counterpart. A lot of fans still want to see Hugh as Wolverine and we're hoping that someday he will appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Snikt!

Geekery Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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