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What makes a Wonder Woman

In just a few hours we will witness Wonder Woman's solo film starring Gal Gadot as Diana Prince and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. Although we saw a glimpse of her in Batman v Superman, we would like to share few information about the amazon princess.

First Appeared at All Star Comics # 8 in October 1941, created by writer William Moulton Marston, and artist Harry G. Peter. Wonder Woman was inspired from Marston's wife, Elizabeth, along with Olive Byrne. Marston initially called her Suprema, The Wonder Woman but later shortened before its debut in 1941.

For decades her origin story remained the same, Hippolyta (Her mother) mold her out of clay and six members of the Greek Pantheon then bonded the soul to the clay, giving it life. Diana received a gift from each member: Demeter, great strength; Athena, wisdom and courage; Artemis, a hunter's heart and animal empathy; Aphrodite, beauty and loving compassion; Hestia, sisterhood with fire; Hermes, speed and the power of flight.

This origin was changed during the New 52 period wherein she was depicted as daughter of Zeus and was raised by her mother, Hippolyta and her aunts Antiope and Menalippe. Later on she also possessed Ares's divine abilities and becoming the "God of War". Writer Greg Rucka also clarified that Diana is bisexual and give her a backstory regarding relationships with women.

Currently in DC Rebirth, Greg Rucka tries to improve from the recent changes in her origin. The Amazons are ancient society of warrior women, blessed with immortality by honoring the Gods. Diana is a young, strong warrior and a romantically experienced princess. When she sets her foot in America with Steve Trevor, all she possessed is her combat abilities. She later gain her powers when the Gods paid their visit and gave her gifts.

These are her main powers gained from the divine gods (Post Crisis):
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  • Superhuman Strength: Granted by Demeter (Goddess of the Earth). Her link to Earth grants her great strength. She is strong enough to go toe to toe with Superman, Supergirl and other powerful beings.
  • Superhuman Durability and Enhanced Healing Factor: Granted by Demeter (Goddess of the Earth). Able to withstand damage and magical attacks that can easily kill normal human. She can withstand physical attacks from Superman and Captain Marvel. She can also heal from mild to moderate injuries and also immune to poisons, toxins and diseases. It was revealed that god made weapon can harm Diana.
  • Flight, Superhuman Speed, Reflexes and Agility: Granted by Hermes (the Messenger God). She capable of unassisted flight by gliding on air currents. She is able to think, react and move at superhuman speeds. She can keep up with Flash in regular cruising speed.
  • Wisdom of Athena: Granted by Athena (Goddess of Wisdom). Diana can master over a dozen languages (including those of alien origin), multiple complex crafts, sciences and philosophies, as well as leadership, military strategy, and armed and unarmed combat. Athena also bound her own eyesight to Diana's, granting her increased empathy.
  • Animal Empathy and Enhanced Senses: Granted by Artemis (Goddess of the Hunt). She possesses enhanced eyesight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. Her "Hunter's Eye" allows her to always hit the mark and see far greater distances. She can also communicate to all forms of animals.
  • Sisterhood with fire: Granted by Hestia (Goddess of hearth and home). This power allows Diana to control the "fires of truth" which she carries in her lasso that would make people always trust and speak truthfully. It also grants her resistance to both normal and supernatural fire
  • Charm: Granted by Aphrodite (Goddess of love). Granted Diana with stunning beauty, as well as a kind heart. 
Live Action TV Series
Image result for lynda carter's wonder womanBefore the successful classic Wonder Woman TV series of Lynda Carter, many attempts to create a live action Wonder Woman are made, most of them are failure. Following the success of the Batman series, a tv pilot was made in 1967 entitled Who's afraid of Diana Prince? Wonder Woman was played by Linda Harrison, while her alter ego, Diana Prince, was played by Ellie Wood Walker.

Adrianne Palicki is a good "fit" for Wonder WomanA made-for-TV movie starring Cathy Lee Crosby also hit the TV in 1974. After a year Wonder Woman is back on TV played by Lynda Carter. The series run for three seasons, the first season was cancelled but was resurrected in CBS and run for another two years.

In 2011, NBC attempted to bring back Diana Prince in small screens played by Adrianne Palicki. Unfortunately the show was cancelled before the pilot episode could even air.

Hope you learned something from us before watching the movie. Wonder Woman will hit the Philippine cinema this June 1, 2017

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