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Ewok invasion and heroic journey of Luke Skywalker | SWGOH |

For the month of July, Ewoks has been given the spotlight in the hit turn based mobile game, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Starting with the double drop of Ewok shards and additional 3 new Ewok characters. According to the rumors and theories of players, Ewoks might play a role in the upcoming August event, Hero's Journey - Luke Skywalker. If this might be true, better start farming Ewok shards and that farm boy Luke.

The leaked photo about the new game feature has been proved true. Territorial battles will be added in the game for the following months with each guild members need to strategize their plan according to their current toons in order to proceed and complete the battle.

Here are the rest of details of the upcoming changes from forums.galaxy-of-heroes.starwars.ea.com

Ewoks are taking over the Cantina in July and they're popping up everywhere!

Here are a few things players can look forward to this month:

  • Updated art - New models, character art, animations, and ability icons for all existing Ewoks
  • Ewoks Faction pass - Updated stats and abilities for Chief Chirpa, Ewok Scout, and Ewok Elder.
  • 3 Brand New Ewoks
  • Wicket - Powerful Ewok Attacker with Critical Hit and Stealth synergies
  • Logray - Sage Ewok Support who can Daze enemies and grant Ewok allies buffs
  • Paploo - Resourceful Ewok Tank with Assist and Buff synergies
  • Ewok Marquee Events - Play with the new Ewoks and get free character shards!
  • Ewok Double Drops - Ewoks are popping up around the Cantina all month long - check back daily to see if your favorite Ewok is causing Double Drop mischief
  • Ewok Flash Events - Power up your Ewok squad to dominate Flash Events and get rare gear and other rewards

Step into Luke Skywalker’s shoes and experience his journey from Farm Boy to Rebel Hero!

This is the first event of a new series where you’ll retrace the steps of the iconic hero LUKE SKYWALKER from his humble beginnings on Tatooine through his daring escape from the Galactic Empire’s ultimate weapon.

Completing this event will unlock the next iteration of Luke Skywalker: COMMANDER LUKE SKYWALKER.


Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes launched worldwide in November 2015, and since then we’ve added incredible content and features including Guilds, Mods, and Ships. But we’re taking the game to an unprecedented level with the new feature: Territory Battles.

Strategize on the Battlefield

You can already collect your favorite characters and ships; now take them into epic scale combat for special bonuses and rewards!

The goal of Territory Battles is for you and your Guild to take over one of the most iconic battlefields in the Star Wars galaxy - the ice planet of Hoth. Conquer your way across the battle map, deploy squads and fleets, complete different mission types, and capture strategic targets that can change the tide of battle.

Battle with the Full Force of Your Entire Collection

Bring the strength of everything you’ve collected into the fight for iconic locations. Now, every unit you collect - and every upgrade - matters - that means it’s not only your few most combat-worthy squads that can make a difference. You can deploy your entire collection - including ships - to the front line, and then send them on missions which will test your units’ endurance and power.

Guild Cooperation

Coordinate on battle and map strategy across multiple mission types using the collective strength of your friends’ squads and fleets. Every participating member in the guild earns equal rewards.

Succeed or fail together in a new collaborative reward structure as you earn exclusive gear and characters like Hoth Han, Hoth Leia and more. Stay tuned for more details on Territory Battle-exclusive rewards!

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