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Philippine Mythological Creatures are Descending upon EverWing

Good news, Filipino EverWing players! Your favorite Facebook Messenger game is featuring five of the country’s mythological creatures.

These five creatures are composed of, Sarangay, a bull with a muscular body which resembles a Minotaur; Bakunawa, a gigantic sea serpent; Lampong, a deer with large horns and bright eyes; Kiwig, a pig with fiery eyes; and Buwaya, a crocodile monster with a saddle on its back.

The creatures will serve as unique ancient dragons and can be used as sidekicks to the guardians and will aid them in battling the monsters. They can be acquired during the “Philippine Dragon Festival” special event by hatching them from an egg.

First two dragons to take flight are Lampong and Bakunawa, and the special event is now in progress. Be sure to collect all five of the ancient creatures, so play EverWing now.

This special event was made possible by the partnership of Blackstorm Labs and Smart Communication, Inc.

EverWing is a scrolling shooter game released on the Instant Games on Facebook Messenger in November 2016. It was developed and published by Blackstorm Labs.

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