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SDCC 2017 | Meet Metal's Evil Batmen |The Geekery|

DC at SDCC 2017 just revealed the first clear look of the Dark Knights / Evil Batmen in the upcoming Dark Nights: Metal tie ins. They were first announced in mid June showing only silhouettes depicting the different versions of Batman with logo of another DC character.

The Justice League has yet to know the existence of the seven twisted versions of Batman but definitely these baddies are scheduled to fight heroes in a series of one-shots this September and November. The image above features (From Left to Right) The Murder Machine, The Red Death, The Devastator, The Merciless, The Drowned and The Dawnbreaker. The Batman Who Laughs is not present in the photo and he/she intrigues me the most.

Priced at $3.99, each of the Batman one-shots will also ship with a foil-stamped cover by by Jason Fabok, featuring a protective UV coating. Dark Nights: Metal #1, by Snyder and Capullo, will hit the LCS probably on Aug. 16.

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