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SWGOH - Hermit Yoda skill set

"Do or do not, there is no try."
We already have Grand Master Yoda in the hit turn-based game, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, but EA gave us another Yoda following the recent event to unlock Commander Luke Skywalker.

Introducing Hermit Yoda, Jedi recluse who imparts sage wisdom in the ways of the Force. He might be small in size but his knowledge and connection in the force is what makes him powerful. Hermit Yoda is available at the Guild events store and unlocks at 5 stars.

Hermit Yoda is good to use under Jedi lead like Zeta Qui Gon Jin or Ima-Gun Di. Pairing him up with other Jedi that can provide buffs is a good thing since his skill Master's training stacks with other buffs. If you still don't have a Jedi team you should start grinding now and get a Yoda.

Hermit Yoda Skill Set
Basic Attack – Master’s Protection:

  • All other allies recover 10% Health and 5% Protection. All other Jedi allies gain 5% Turn Meter.
Special Ability – Master’s Training:

  • Yoda gains Stealth for 2 turns. Dispel all debuffs on target other ally and grant them the Master’s Training unique buff until the end of the encounter. Then, call all allies with Master’s Training to Assist. (Cooldown 3)
  • --Master’s Training: +25% (doubled on Jedi) Accuracy, Defense, Offense, Potency, and Tenacity. Can’t be Dispelled or prevented.
Special Ability – Strength Flows from the Force:

  • All allies have their current Health percentages equalized. (Health equalizing effects ignore Healing Immunity.) Then, all allies recover 20% Health and Protection and Jedi allies gain Foresight for 2 turns. (Cooldown 4)
Unique Ability – In Exile:
  • Yoda gains Stealth for 2 turns at the start of encounter, and has +100% Evasion while Stealthed. When there are no active allies, Yoda escapes from the battle.
Unique Ability – Do or Do Not:
  • Whenever an ally with Master’s Training is defeated, Yoda gains 100% Turn Meter and resets all of his cooldowns.

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