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Hello Fat Crow: A fun and spooky Halloween kids book

Hello! Fat crow! Tells the story of a little fat crow that ventures to an old forgotten cemetery to wake a skeleton named Mister Larry so that he may go and dig up his four brothers to get into mischief on Halloween night.

The book measures 8.5x11 inches in size and is forty-four pages long. The story is told in the rhyming styles of Dr. Seuss with fun spooky illustrations done in the style of the old Disney's Skeleton dance cartoon.

Page 11

The author, Jason Flower's love for halloween is strong and it's one of his favorite times of year.

September 1st in the Flowers household starts the holiday and it doesn't end until well into November. This book came about by a mad scientist mixture of ways. Whenever reading bedtime stories to his daughter they could never really find many great Halloween books.

Pages 29-30
Over the years he drew doodles and ideas here and there which finally led to him writing the story out a few years ago.

Fast forward to today and as part of his main goal to make long awaited projects, the season is coming up and it was finally time to unleash this idea upon the world!

Jason Flowers is a 35 yr. old self-taught artist with a wife and two kids that mainly makes his own comic books, but thought he'd try his hand at a Halloween kids book that's been stirring around in the back of his mind. He've been published in Image, Arcana, Topps, and Upper deck just to name a few. 

Below are a few random sample pages from the book.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 7

Page 16

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