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Eri's Quirk - Boku No Hero Academia

The recent released chapter 156 of Boku No Hero Academia finally revealed the origin of the rescuee, Eri. In case you forgot what happened, the heroes are trying to rescue Eri from Chisaki and the Eight Precepts of Death. His group was responsible for the drug that can eliminate someone's quirk.

Chapter 156 starts with a flashback on how Ryukyu, Nejire, Asui and Uraraka made it to the underground. The team up battle scene become more epic because of "Go Beyond! Plus Ultra" moment. It always give me goosebumps whenever I see it. Chisaki continues her escape with Eri while Izuku chasing them. Izuku noticed that Eri unconsciously grabbed Mirio's caped in the mid air as Izuku tried to catch up.

A flashback scene of Chisaki's conversation with his former boss revealed that Eri is the granddaughter of the ex-capo of Eight Precepts of Death. The former boss' daughter abandoned Eri when her husband tried to touch Eri and quickly vanished. Eri's quirk didn't resemble anything from both family had manifested before and considered as genetic mutation. Chisaki was tasked to investigate Eri's quirk because it he thought that they resembles his quirk "Overhaul" that allows him to disassemble and reassemble objects thru physical contact. But it was totally different because Eri's quirk has the ability to Rewind.

Chisaki began to experiment on Eri to turn her quirk into a weapon. Her blood suppresses the ability of the body to manifest Quirk Factor that causes quirk not to work. He did it by destroying Eri, collecting her blood and fix her after. Eri tried to escape before but failed and accepted her fate.

During the final moments Eri reversed the fusion of Chisaki and Nemoto as Izuku is tries to catch her. Probably next chapter will reveal more of her quirk.

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