Wednesday, November 8, 2017


"Whether you're a casual gamer or at the top of the leaderboards, everyone’s welcome to play in the Arena of Valor!

Arena of Valor (formerly known as Strike of Kings) is taking the spotlight in mobile games in the Philippines. It was launched last October 27, 2017 in the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia where a large market are currently into mobile games, Garena combined these countries in one server. Arena of Valor is a 5 versus 5 multiplayer online battle arena that's quite similar to League of Legends. It makes more catchy due to the inclusion of DC characters in the game like Batman, Superman and the Joker. Garena AOV is already teasing the coming of the Dark Knight in the upcoming update.

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To better prepare players, both new and old, in the Arena, here are 3 redeemable codes* with surprises inside:

*TAKE NOTE: Each account can only redeem one code from the given set of codes

In case that you don't know how to redeem a code, we got you covered!
Step 1: Log into your AOV account on your mobile phones
Step 2: Click on the “Gift Box” icon at the bottom right of the screen
Step 3: Click on the “Announcement” tab at the upper right of the screen
Step 4: Kindly follow the instructions on how to redeem the code under the “Announcement” tab
Step 5: Key in the code in the text box to unlock your gift. Please be informed that the code is case-sensitive.
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Still haven’t downloaded AOV? Have no fear, AOV’s download link is right here:"


  1. Doesn't work on Europe server so don't bother

  2. Doesn’t work for USA either, it says CDkey invalid, what sort of codes are these if they don’t work in 2 of the 5 regions?

  3. Get new Hero: Wonder Woman
    Use invitation code: B7WKyx
    before level 8, you'll get the new hero Wonder Woman

  4. A6gtfx - Heres my invitation code (SEA server only)