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Justice not served? Justice League review

What a great time to be a geek! 2017 is a great year as our favorite superheroes are now available in the silver screen. This review is very very very late but might as well share it to everyone.

  • The opening scene looks almost the same with New 52 Justice League #1 wherein Batman is chasing a Parademon except that Green Lantern Hal Jordan didn't appear to help Batman. 
  • The flashback battle of Steppenwolf’s army against Amazons, Atlanteans and the humans is one of the best scenes in the movie. It tells Steppenwolf’s motive and it features a lot of easter eggs like Zeus, Ares, Artemis and a Green Lantern. 
  • The way the league resurrected Superman is a bit off though the action scene after the resurrection is spectacular. However, it doesn’t live up to the idea that he is back from the dead. There’s no news and no shock moment even from the police that witnessed the incident. I'm more interested on how they will explain the return of Clark Kent in the upcoming Superman film... IF WE GET ONE. 
  • Gadot’s Wonder Woman stole every scene she’s involved and her smile will surely captivated everyone. Her first scene where she deflected the bullets is very stunning and it perfectly matched Snyder's signature slow motion effect. As for Affleck, this is not my kind of Batman and I prefer the BvS version. Miller as the Flash is humorous and serves as the clown of the group but I see his character more of Wally West not Barry Allen. I kinda hate his running form, it looks awkward. Fisher’s Cyborg is mediocre and his character will get more appreciation if some of his scenes from Snyder made it through the final cut. While Momoa as Aquaman definitely end the Aquaman joke that he can only talk to fish. He’s quite strong and durable in the film and I’m surprised to see him exchanging blows with Steppenwolf. 
  • Finally a cheerful and charismatic Superman! His suit looks brighter compared to MoS and BvS. His presence during the last battle proves that he is the symbol of hope and trump card in defeating Steppenwolf and his army. Other people said he is overpowered in the film but that's how is Superman is supposed to be, a powerhouse that can overcome anything on his way.
  • The plot seems to be weak but the characters make up the story. Steppenwolf's attack doesn't look like world.Does an origin movie needed to make Justice League successful? It could but I believe they could still pull this off even without telling their origin. The formation of the team could be done during a certain situation where they have no choice but to fight together like what they did at Batman v Superman.
All in all, It’s Justice League! It’s a dream come true for all superhero fans and let’s be thankful that we witnessed this in the big screen. DC has its own style and proved that they can also do superhero team movie.


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