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First Order Executioner |New Character| Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

The First Order Executioner also known as First Order Judicial Trooper or Executioner Trooper, were a variant of Stormtroopers used by the First Order during its conflict against The Resistance around 34 ABY. The Executioner troopers carry powerful laser axes and wear armor with black carbon-finish accents. Their serial numbers are never broadcast to squad mates’ helmet displays, leaving their identities unknown. They were created for the 2017 Star Wars: Episode VII The Last Jedi, directed by Rian Johnson and was officially revealed at D23 expo in July 2017.

Unit Name: First Order Executioner (FOE)
Alignment: Dark Side
Categories: Attacker, First Order
Description: Merciless First Order Attacker who executes powerful attacks



Deal Physical damage and gain Health Up (30%) for 1 turn. If the target is debuffed, this attack is guaranteed to be a Critical Hit and First Order Executioner gains Advantage for 2 turns.


Deal Physical damage to target enemy, remove 50% Turn Meter, and Dispel all buffs on them. If this attack defeats an enemy, First Order Executioner gains 80% Turn Meter and the cooldown of this attack is reset. Otherwise, he gains 40% Turn Meter and +20% Max Health (stacking) until he defeats an enemy. (Cooldown 3)


When First Order Executioner scores a Critical Hit, he gains +10% Max Health (stacking) until the end of the encounter and First Order allies gain 10% Turn Meter. First Order Executioner has bonus Offense equal to 5% of his Max Health.


FOE works better under a Kylo Ren (Unmasked) lead, a better addition to First Order synergy with a powerful attack that increases its strength as the battle goes on and can provide a high damage boost in Heroic Tank Takedown Raid and Heroic Pit Raid. Aside from the high damage output, FOE is a dispeller and can also manipulate turn meter thru his special 'Death Sentence' that can really improve your standings if you're running a First Order arena team. Although there's still no news where we can farm FOE shards, he is definitely a must have.

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