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Propel launches DC line up

Propel RC, a US-based drone company that is one of the industry leaders in consumer drone have only just begun in their quest to be a big player in the Philippine drone market. Their nascent steps proving quite fruitful Propel has big things in store for 2018. Propel brings to our shores their DC themed drones, a tie-up with one of the most recognizable comic book company and brand in the world.

You will be hard-pressed to find someone who does not at least have some passing knowledge of both Batman and Superman, both easily considered at the top of most recognizable characters in the world. Propel makes use of both of these iconic characters for their Hover Heroes line, a simple, no fuss motioned controlled Hover drones for both kids and kids at heart. The perfect drone for those who are looking for no frills, fun flying that is effortless and uncomplicated. it's your hands underneath, and watch as they hover, fly, and save the day.

For the more hardcore enthusiasts of that of the Dark Knight, Propel’s Batwing HD is the drone you need in your life.

The Batwing HD boasts a 720p High Definition camera that can take up to 32 GB, Its perfect for taking quick snaps and videos. Not only that, the HD has an altitude lock system that makes flying this drone absolutely effortless. It's everything you can hope for from a mid-level drone.

Modeled after the iconic design of both the Batman Animated series and the Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman, the integrity of it’s shape is not compromised at all. With a unique bottom propeller propulsion and 4 channel switch blade technology it looks and flies like a dream. Pleasing to look at and with an adequate amount of features to keep your interest. The Batman line is definitely a fun and functional drone that the whole family can enjoy.

Whether your six—with parental supervision of course—or sixty-six this is the drone for you. A kid's absolute dream drone, especially for the cape crusaders many fans. As for adults a collector’s drone, that you can’t help but fly. With its assortment of different features that will keep both bat-fans and casual drone fliers happy.

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