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Stan Lee denies news on daughter's claim to acquire control of his assets

Stan Lee is denying all the claims in a document allegedly signed by him that his daughter Joan Celia “J.C.” Lee and friend Keya Morgan are trying to “gain control over [his] assets, property and money.”

The alleged signed document was written by lawyer, Tom Lewis that Lee hired for a few days and dismissed afterwards.

The 95-year-old comic book legend filmed two videos standing by the pair for The Hollywood Reporter, saying that “my relationship with my daughter has never been better and my friend, Keya Morgan and I, also have a great relationship.”

His denial comes as a Feb. 13 document purportedly signed by Lee claimed that Morgan was one of three men with “bad intentions” trying to influence the 68-year-old J.C. — leverage that the document claims could be used to wipe his $50-$70 million fortune clean and leave his daughter ultimately homeless.

“Anybody who is saying anything negative about us or about them suing me or me suing them is just spreading lies. And unfortunately, we seem to live in this environment where anybody can say a lie about anybody and it immediately gets published and it gets transmitted and millions of people read it, see it, and believe it,” Stan said.

“So I want to say it as definitely as I can: My relationship with my lovely daughter J.C. is wonderful. My relationship with my good friend Keya Morgan is great, we’re best friends. In fact, he's taping this for me now. There is nothing bad I can say about my daughter or about Keya.”

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