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Cultural Festival Conclusion

It's class 1-B's turn to showcase their performance for UA's Cultural Festival with their own rendition of Romeo and Juliet that has a lot of pop culture references like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. They even use the "I am your Father" line from Darth Vader. Some of the class 1-A students want to watch the play but they need to clean up their mess.

All Might meets Izuku and well aware of what happened to him from Ectoplasm and Ryo Inui. Despite Ryo praising Izuku's action, he still scolded him for being out of line and didn't contact a pro hero before the incident. Izuku acknowledges his mistakes and apologize immediately. He also meet Eri and Mirio.You can see the raw emotion from Eri as she narrates everything she saw during class 1-A's performance. Also Mirio looks cool as he mimics Eri's adorable movements while she is talking to Izuku.
Nejire won the beauty contest by gaining most of the votes against Itsuka Kendo and Bibimi Kenranzaki. Class 1-A continue to enjoy the cultural festival. Almost all of them have their own moments and I can't wait to see how the anime will execute this chapter. As the day ends, it's time for Eri to leave. Izuku gave her a candy apple before leaving. Shota Aizawa and Mirio escorts Eri home as Izuku waves his goodbye.

The last pages of the chapter focuses on La Brava and Gentle. The police commends La Brava's skills and ask her if she's interested to use her skills to help the world, to which she states that she only want to be useful for Gentle. A gorilla investigator interrogates Gentle and states that La Brava was brainwashed. The investigator began to discuss the crimes they committed, Gentle firmly states that La Brava was never directly involved. Tobita began to narrates his dream and how he went the wrong path. The investigator is glad that they were able to stop Tobita now and he still has the motivation to rebuild his life unlike those lazy bastards or those who rush to get results.

This chapter concludes the much needed arc after the tension from Yakuza arc. It has a lot of school moments which is one of the main concept of the series. We saw a new move from Midoriya and we saw the Eri's progress towards happiness. We hope to see Gentle and La Brava once again and get a shot of redemption. So what's next? 

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