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Cultural Festival! Unleashed!

Golden week in Japan is finally over and it's a good thing that Kohei Horikoshi still show us the Class 1-A's performance in UA Cultural Festival. The previous chapter concluded the epic fight between Izuku Midoriya and Gentle/ La Brava. Also Midoriya made in time and waved to the crowd, much to Eri's happiness who smiles in return. [SPOILERS Below]

Chapter 182 starts with Yuga Aoyama waiting for Midoriya's return. Midoriya and Ectoplasm's clone  finally arrived and suggested that Midoriya should clean up his face so the audience won't worry. Katsuki yells out to begin their band performance along with Momo, Denki, Fumikage and Kyouka. Class 1-A managed to hype up the audience with their flashy intro and the dance performance. Few moments before the finale, the audience thought that they are running a gag then suddenly Class 1-A began launching some of them in the air and using a combination of their quirks to make the place more dazzling. With the help of Ochaco's Gravity quirk, the audience joins the fun in the air. The chapter ends again with Eri smiling again.

This chapter also provide a little flashback about Kyouka's past when she decided to become a hero instead of becoming a musician like her parents. Her parents fully supported her with her decision saying that she can do whatever she wants and they ended up being musicians because they enjoy music. The quality of art is inconsistent and you can easily see that some panels looks like a quick sketch with no details. Probably Shonen Jump pressured Kohei to finish this chapter after Golden Week. We can't wait to see this in anime form and hopefully the studio can pull this off.

What makes this chapter great is Mirio's feelings. Although Mirio lost his quirk and Nighteye's death, He's now happy because Eri can now smile and able to let go of her tormented past. He is proud that this is the smile that they protected with their life.

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