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Man-Bat appears in Gotham Season 4 finale

An ever-popular Batman character appeared from the shadows of Gotham, with no less than the Man-Bat.

The spotlight is on Jeremiah Valeska through the past several episodes and he has been preparing to unleash his fury on Gotham City.

In this season finale, all of the villain's plans came to completion as multiple bombs exploded, causing most of the city to come crashing down. It ended with a glimpse at some of these villains, including the fan-favorite humanoid terror Man-Bat.

In this finale, two robbers were seen walking through a church when a creature in the roof beam jumped down behind them. They turned to see the wings of Man-Bat spread just before the camera cut away.

Furthermore, we got the first look at Mother and Orphan.

Just recently, FOX renewed Gotham for a fifth and final season, consisting of just 13 episodes. The show is expected to return sometime in the early months of 2019.

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