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Heroes in Crisis: Everyone who was at Sanctuary is DEAD

Another Crisis is coming this September in DC Universe. It was revealed last Thursday that writer Tom King and artist Clay Mann will launch Heroes in Crisis, together with Tomeu Morey for colors and letters from Clayton Cowles. Described as a murder mystery and will focus on 'sanctuary', a sort of trauma center for super powered individuals. The seven issues limited series will primarily tackle the emotional toll of being a superhero and the effect of violence in the society. The cover provided hints that Harley Quinn, Booster Gold, Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman are the center characters in the story.

What is the Sanctuary? It was first established on Batman #41-43 after the time when Poison Ivy took control the minds of the people of Earth except for Batman and Catwoman. The sanctuary was founded by Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. A fact sheet has been circulating the web that appears to be the next DC Previews for September and gave us additional information about the sanctuary. It reads in full.Check out the surprise in the last part :)

  • Sanctuary is a safe place for superheroes to explore the trauma of their violent lives and deal with the other effects of the fight. They come, they rest, they confess, and they move on.
  • Sanctuary was built five years ago when Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman realized that emerging superheroes would sometimes need help dealing with the worst parts of the job.
  • To the outside world, Sanctuary appears to be a small, isolated ranch in rural Nebraska. But under the illusion, the ranch is, in reality a sophisticated, futuristic compound based on Kryptonian technology.
  • Sanctuary is manned solely by robots and holograms. The only real people at Sanctuary are heroes.
  • Sanctuary provides the therapy the heroes of the DC Universe need.
  • The typical stay at Sanctuary ranges from a few days to a few weeks, and, on rare occasions, even longer.
  • Sanctuary is a secret. The general public doesn’t know of its existence.
  • To protect the privacy of the heroes, the Trinity discourages them from talking about Sanctuary, though it is an open secret that many heroes have visited the facility.
  • Only three people know who goes to Sanctuary: Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. No records of the visits are kept.
  • Batman sees Sanctuary as a necessity. Wonder Woman sees it as a kindness. Superman sees it as good.
  • And now, everyone who was at Sanctuary is dead.
  • Learn more about Sanctuary in Heroes in Crisis #1!

BONUS! Tom King also tweeted the first page of the upcoming series.

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