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The New No.1 Hero - My Hero Academia Chapter 184-185 Review

It's been awhile since we review My Hero Academia and this time we're going to cover everything starting from Chapter 184 up to Chapter 185. It's only bite size and we tend to focus on the main parts of the latest arc.

The time has come for the broadcast of JP Hero Billboard Chart, held in Kamino, it's also special since All Might will not appear in the chart for the first time due to his retirement and the new Top 10 heroes will appear on the stage for the presentation of their rankings. They began the announcement starting from rank 10 up to rank 1 hero.

The winged hero, Hawks, was finally revealed in chapter 184. Hawks is considered to be the youngest pro hero in the series, started his career at the age of 18. I don't find him interesting during his introduction but his character proved to be a good addition during the next chapters. The best part of chapter 185 was during the hero speech, Hawks suddenly made interesting points about the rankings and not having a symbol of peace that ticked off Endeavor. Horikoshi made Endeavor a hero to root for and just watch him do his duty as the new number 1 hero.

After the event, Hawks proposed a team up with Endeavor because of the unpleasant rumors in his hometown regarding Nomus. A new breed of Nomu that will totally wreck everyone in his way- High-End.

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