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Jamanz Comics launches official website

Once upon a time, there was a fanboy named James who dreamt of rebuilding his childhood collection of Silver Age X-Men comics, lost when his home was flooded. Since most of the items he was looking for cannot be found anymore in local comic stores, James reached out to other collectors who might be willing to trade with or sell to him.

In his dealings with fellow collectors, James found that most of them shared the same problem: the unavailability of rare, exclusive comics in the local market, and the prohibitive costs and risks of obtaining them abroad.

In response to this dilemma, Jamanz Comics was born.

In May 2016, Jamanz Comics launched its official page, enabling it to reach out to and serve more members of the comic community.  And on June 30, 2018, during the first Trinity Convention at Elements Centris, Jamanz Comics opened its online store, to make it more convenient for fans and collectors to enjoy their hobby. 

“We are continuously improving our system to serve the community better,” said James, proprietor of Jamanz Comics.  “This is more than just a business for us; it is our advocacy.  As our tagline goes, Jamanz Comics: by a collector, for fellow collectors.”

Specializing in “looking for” services, Jamanz Comics has now become the “go to” source for elusive, hard-to-find key issues, graded and signed items, original art, and monthly pull lists. Among these are all 75 cover items of the fan favorite The Dark Knight Master Race III; Batman 21 and Flash 21 Lenticulars; and exclusive, signed items from the San Diego and New York Comic Cons. 

Jamanz Comics, however, hopes to serve not only comic collectors, but fans of pop culture in general.  As James noted, “We are hoping to grow with the community. We are now studying how we can be part of toys, action figures and all sorts of pop culture. “

He also called to his fellow fans and collectors to help improve Jamanz Comics’ services.  “We encourage everyone to help us improve our system, to engage with us and make sure that the pop culture community continues to thrive and grow.”

Visit their website at http://jamanzcomics.com/ for inquiries.

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