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'Titans' rumored episode titles reveal more characters

In a recent post by TitansTV.net, they revealed episode titles which bear familiar character names--- and fans are getting wild.

Each of the 13 episodes is named after a superhero and/or their alter ego, confirming characters like Donna Troy (Wonder Girl) and Jason Todd (Red Hood), among others.

1.1 "Titans" (Pilot)
1.2 "Hawk and Dove"
1.3 "Starfire"
1.4 "Rachel"
1.5 "The Doom Patrol"
1.6 "The Messenger"
1.7 "Jason Todd"
1.8 "Angela"
1.9 "Donna Troy"
1.10 "Hank and Dawn"
1.11 "Koriand'r"
1.12 "Dick Grayson"
1.13 (Season Finale) "Raven"

The plot of the first season will revolve around Raven and her relationship with her father, Trigon.

Titans follows young heroes from across the DC Universe as they come of age and find belonging in a gritty take on the classic Teen Titans franchise. Dick Grayson and Rachel Roth, a special young girl possessed by a strange darkness, get embroiled in a conspiracy that could bring Hell on Earth. Joining them along the way are the hot-headed Starfire and loveable Beast Boy. Together they become a surrogate family and team of heroes.

In May 2018, DC Universe announced the live-action series Doom Patrol, consisting of 13 episodes, had received a direct-to-series order. Developed by Jeremy Carver, Berlanti, and Johns (who also serves as executive producers along with Schechter) for Warner Bros. Television and Berlanti Productions, the series will pick up from the events of Titans and see the Doom Patrol, comprising Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl, Crazy Jane, and led by Dr. Niles "The Chief" Caulder, take on a mission given to them by Cyborg. Production is expected to begin in 2018, with Carver writing for the series, with a scheduled release in 2019.

Titans sees Brenton Thwaites (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales) leading the cast as Dick Grayson, alongside Teagan Croft (The Osiris Child) as Raven, Anna Diop (24: Legacy) as Starfire, Ryan Potter (Big Hero 6) as Beast Boy, Alan Ritchson (Smallville) as Hawk, Minka Kelly (Friday Night Lights) as Dove and Lindsey Gort (Lucifer) as Detective Amy Rohrbach.

Titans is scheduled to debut to air on the new DC streaming service later in the year.

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