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A review by PJ Ong
The Geekery Contributor

Us is a movie directed, produced, and written by Jordan Peele (if you haven't seen Get Out, see it. It's really good. That smart script writing really shows).

Hmm, what to say about Us?

Every actor on this film brought their A game. Especially Lupita Nyong'o and Elizabeth Moss. From small ticks to the changes on their voices. Winston Duke (M'Baku) was good enough, and the kids were a touch and go.

Sound is pretty good. They upped the ante on the smaller sounds like the rustle of leaves etc. It gave the audience a slight sense of tension which is needed for its horror - thriller genre.

Us had problems with pacing. I came in knowing that this movie is gonna be a slow burn with enough mystery to keep me up. But man, it turned out REALLY slow, and I found myself nodding a little bit at times.

The first act was slow, but the second act was great. Amazing energy from start to finish.

The third act dropped the energy a bit just when you're starting to figure out all the pieces. Which is a shame because that's where the energy should have been.

Ultimately, the uneven energy is what the film suffers from. I'm sure I'll find something smart from the script later on that would blow my mind.

If a go on a movie date night, and I get to choose between Us or Get Out; I'd go for Get Out.

I'm giving this a 3 out of 5 stars.

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