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'Community' Cast Gets a Reunion via Table Read and Talks About a Possible Movie

The much-awaited reunion of the infamous study group on TV happens in the time where we needed a positive vibe amidst the pandemic due to COVID-19.

Yes, we are talking about the "Community" cast and they are reunited once more to do a table read of the episode "Cooperative Polygraph" from episode four of season five also known as the bottle episode.

In the episode, the study group faces a polygraph test as a group as part of Pierce's will. As each member is forced to reveal secrets, they begin to fight with each other.

Series creator Dan Harmon read the scene descriptions, while the cast— Joel McHale (Jeff Winger)Donald Glover (Troy Barnes)Alison Bri(Annie Edison)Gillian Jacobs (Britta Perry), Danny Pudi (Abed Nadir)Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley Bennett)Jim Rash (Dean Craig Pelton), and Ken Jeong (Ben Chang)— all reenacted the scene with the help of The Mandalorian actor, Pedro Pascal who is reading for Walton Goggins' part as Mr. Stone, Pierce's executor. For obvious reason, Chevy Chase isn't included in the table read.

Watch the cast do the table read below.

During the Q&A, on a separate video, Glover said he would be game for such a movie, joining his co-stars, all of whom have reiterated their desire for a “Community” movie.

The reunion is made possible by Sony Pictures TV and for the benefit of Frontline Foods and José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen.

Who's excited about the movie? Please make #AndAMovie happen!

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